The most successful HighWaterLine were those in which participants gathered well in advance. Artists and communities that devote at least six months of preparation experience deeper community engagement. This time and dedication allows for solid research to be conducted, identification of the right data for your region, securing the necessary permits, genuine engagement and acceptance from community members, and finally a thorough exploration and identification of different solutions that can be shared as the collective line is drawn.

What is community engagement and why is it important?

6 Months Before Marking the Line

Identifying the Scientific Data
Creating a Team
When to Mark the Line
Plan Your Workshops
Walk the Line(s)
Permits & Permission

4-6 Months Before Marking the Line

Workshop – Storytelling To Build Trust
Workshop – Translating Science Into Art

3-4 Months Before Marking the Line

Workshop – Solutions
Workshop – Parents & Children

2-3 Months Before Marking the Line

Workshop – Media and Messaging
Media Plan
Photographers & Videographers

1-2 Months Before Marking the Line

Gameplan for Days Leading Up to Actual Marking

The Month Leading up to the Line

Workshop – What it Means to Be A Performer
Marking the Line

After the Line

Community Celebration
Workshop – Debrief