How to Use This Guide

This guide provides a roadmap on how to realize a HighWaterLine in your own community, as well as some ideas for building community resilience to climate change at the local and regional level. We recommend you begin by reading the intentions of the HighWaterLine and then review the navigation to understand the breadth and depth of this project. You can also learn more about other iterations at

Once you are ready to undertake the project, work from the timeline, utilizing other portions of the guide as support and reference as you move through the project. At any point during the process, we welcome you to reach out to us for help or clarification.

This guide, while specifically written for the HighWaterLine, may be useful for other creative projects. We would love to hear from you about projects that emerge from this guide, please share your work and photos with us!


(Image on landing page courtesy of Jayme Gershen)