A Letter From Eve & Heidi

Heidi & Eve
photo credit: Heather Box

We are excited that you are here and that you are interested in creating a HighWaterLine (or curious to learn more about this interdisciplinary initiative.) We worked really hard to bring the HighWaterLine to life in all of its incarnations. We were also incredibly lucky to collaborate with amazing communities from whom we learned an immense volume of new information.

We believe this is a great project for other communities, so we want to provide you a guide to help you realize a successful HighWaterLine. What’s in it for us? (Why give it away?) We’d love to see HighWaterLine happen around the world – in a lot of different styles, and we would love to see it make a real difference in every community in which it takes place.

HighWaterLine is at its core, an art project. The intention of the artwork is to facilitate much needed conversations and creative solutions around climate change. Each HighWaterLine is different and responds to the specific needs of the community creating it. We hope that it will be a galvanizing force for your community, as well as reflect the personality of your community.

While we have provided a lot of information, please note that unforeseen opportunities and challenges may arise that will shift your actual timeline, how you realize the artwork and more. Please view this as a general roadmap for creating a HighWaterLine and a not step by step instruction manual.

We are grateful for the support we received in bringing this Guide to life, including funding from The Compton Foundation & Invoking the Pause as well as the tireless support from community coordinators as well as editor Pamela Allen.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions or are interested in having us consult on a HighWaterLine in your community.

In the spirit of resilience,


Eve & Heidi