Making it Personal & Approachable

Prior to marking the line, everyone should agree to the following  guidelines in order to ensure the HighWaterLine is realized in the spirit it is intended.

  • Connection to the Line – those who draw the line should have a real connection to the section they are demarcating. It may be the place where they live, work or play.  This connection can be loosely interpreted e.g. “I used to play here,” or “This place is of cultural, historical or personal significance to me.”
  • Interacting With the Public – A key vision is to use art to share scientific information via one on one conversations. Those creating the line should be comfortable engaging with strangers and open to sharing their stories and the story of the project. The nature of the project is not to win an argument. If someone has a different opinion than you, be willing to accept that and try to find common ground.
  • Knowledgeable – All those who demarcate the line should have a basic understanding of the data they are bringing to life, as well as ability to discuss solutions.
  • Making Time for Curiosity – As the project is based on curiosity-driven learning, the act of marking the line should engender curiosity in the public. Make time and space to respond to questions and engage in conversation. Move at a slow enough pace for people to be able to approach you. If a group of people are marking the line, allow a few people to follow at a distance because a group can be difficult for obxervers to feel comfortable approaching.
  • Be Yourself – Your Connection is Enough – This isn’t intended to be a protest, it is an art project – a performance in which you are asked to have conversations with strangers. Your value in the project is that you are a community stakeholder, connected to the line or are (or will be) impacted by climate change.
  • Be Honest – It’s perfectly ok to say “I don’t know” in regards to questions people ask. Ideally you will be collaborating with scientists and other experts that you can refer people to.