Challenges and Overcoming them

Like life, unexpected opportunities and challenges will probably arise over the course of creating your HighWaterLine. Here are some challenges various HighWaterLine projects have faced and how they overcame them. Please contact Eve and Heidi if you decide to pursue your own HighWaterLine so that we can help you navigate these and other challenges that might arise.

Data Sources

For HighWaterLine | Miami the public universities had the best detailed data for extreme flooding and sea level rise projections for their region. They decided, however, to not share their findings for how sea level rise will impact Miami at the street level for fear of causing panic in the general public. We therefore opted to use data from Climate Central which, although far more conservative in terms of projections, was given to us freely. They shared with us their Surging Seas data that allowed us to determine a line for marking the pathway, and also generously fielded inquiries as they arose.

Sensitive Zones

You might find that sections of land you wish demarcate are highly sensitive for political or other reasons. The decision to mark or not mark around or through these regions is ultimately up to you. Things to consider include: will demarcating this area amplify or distract from your greater message?  In New York City, Eve was faced with the difficult decision of either having official city support for the project, or draw the line up to the World Trade Center construction site. She decided that adhering to the science and truth of the project was important enough to lose city backing. She drew the line right up to the construction fencing.