Workshop – Media & Messaging

Eve handing out action packets in front of media
photo credit: Hose Cedeno

If the media decides to cover HighWaterLine you have the opportunity to amplify your message(s). It is important that your message is well thought out and agreed upon by the greater group before you have the media spread it far and wide. The best way to plan this is to hold a media messaging workshop. This will also help those who are marking the line hone what they share as they mark the line. If feasible, it’s great to have someone knowledgeable on media messaging lead this workshop. Some core things to do in this meeting include:

  • Identify and refine your top 3 main messages
  • Determine your designated media spokespeople – choose people who are confident and comfortable talking to the press
  • Role play – if possible, practice sharing your 3 main messages via role playing. Practicing in a safe environment is helpful before sharing your message with the world.